Five Mistakes People Make After Losing Weight

Despite the increased availability of healthy, natural and organic foods and awareness about health and nutrition, the rate of obesity & non-communicable diseases among adults and children has also been on the rise in recent years.

How To Reduce Belly Fat While Sitting At Office:

Most of the people works sitting in a chair in office whole time. The movement happens in office while lunch break. It means the body is in an inactive mode. Human physiology is designed to be in an active state with regular movements.

How to get rid of stubborn fats

Nowadays in an irregular lifestyle, we are not able to stay healthy.Sudden we have to go to attend the party and we found that the dress we purchased for that occasion now it is not going to fit our body.

Health Check – Diet, Workout and the concept of Weight Loss

So here is the scenario – You workout daily, burn those extra calories you had for dinner last night, sweat it out along with the guilt of eating the extra carbs and fats.

Life and Nutrition - not Simply food Choices


Everyday new diet trend is coming up. An obese individual is always confused with what I am supposed to eat? How can I lose fat?

Diabetes Reversal at Status


Diabetes Reversal at Status

Diabetes Reversal at Status

Do you have diabetes problems?  Would you like to reduce or eliminate diabetes and start living again?

Spot Reduction Concept and its Advantages

The temptation to reduce fat in some parts of the body and to gain in some parts is ‘Oh so Real’!!!

KETO DIET is “Key-To-Diet”

You all are wondering what keeps the models and big names in shape?



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